► Initial Consultation: Obtain pertinent information for your job search (i.e. desired positions, geographical preferences/restrictions, targeted companies/industries, desired salary, etc.)

Career Search: Perform targeted job search based on desired companies and/or job titles. Apply to desired jobs, manage follow-up with recruiters / employers, and secure interviews.

Process & Services: Included with the CSS Full Sourcing Service is a professionally updated Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter(s), Thank you Letters, and new email address to centralize communications.

Dashboard: CSS will provide a Weekly Administrative Results & Review dashboard in order to assess results and adjust search strategy as needed.

All Plans Include: Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter PLUS Full Sourcing Service as outlined above with a minimum 10-20 applications / contacts per week.

Six-Month Agreement

$7400.00 - $8700.00*

Our Process

​​​Consistent Sourcing Solutions

One-Month Trial

$1350.00 / $1650.00*

CSS Full Sourcing Service is our response to traditional recruiting services. You know the process - you seek out a recruiter, submit your resume for any potential openings, and receive a canned response that your resume will be kept on file. Alternatively, a recruiter may contact you and present an opportunity that seems to be a great fit, so you schedule time in your busy week to learn more, tweak your resume, and submit your candidacy - only to never hear back from the recruiter. For many candidates, this results in a less-than-desirable experience.

Experts agree that job-hunting should in itself be a full-time job, but if you’re in school or employed while seeking a better job, your time is limited to launch a comprehensive job search. This is where CSS Full Sourcing Service can assist with facilitating a proactive career search utilizing over 5000 contacts, industry expertise, executive recruiting experience, and professional resume services to help you achieve the next-level advancement that you deserve.

Three-Month Agreement

$3800.00 / $4100.00*


Our Pricing

*If client requires no updating of "Resume Package" services, pricing is reduced by $300.00 per plan.