​​​Consistent Sourcing Solutions

Consistent Sourcing Solutions provides a unique combination of services to help you attract the right people for your business while simultaneously giving your existing leadership team the tools to take your business to the next level.

Consistent Sourcing Solutions, LLC is a highly experienced team of Talent Experts and Business Consultants that have built a reputation for consistently recruiting and training  world-class leadership talent for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our Talent Experts work with clients to gain a complete picture of business objectives, team dynamics, growth goals and drivers, competitive landscape, and internal/external challenges. We then create a customized talent sourcing plan to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Business Consultants work with your management team to provide training and support for growing companies to attract and retain skilled professionals. Our professional training is based on a thorough assessment of your business and will focus on the key areas that we have proven consistently result in maximized operational efficiency, business cost savings, and effective teamwork.

Core Units of Success:​
    Succession Planning
    Expectation Management
    Data-Driven Results